Tertiary DDC-Sizers

McLanahan produces tertiary DDC-Sizers that can be used in surface and underground mining operations for the tertiary reduction of friable, low-silica materials such as coal, salt, gypsum, phosphate, limestone, bauxite, petroleum coke, lignite, trona, carbon anodes, oil sands, clay, shale and more.

Unlike McLanahan primary and secondary DDC-Sizers, which feature inward rotating rolls, the tertiary design features outward rotating rolls. This provides two crushed product streams in one machine and allows feed material that is already to size to pass through openings between the rolls, minimizing additional fines from inter-particle crushing.

All McLanahan DDC-Sizers have a direct drive arrangement and low-profile design that allow wheel mounting for a movable configuration. The preferred method of installation is to mount the unit on rails with a non-rigid connection between the feed and discharge chutes. Since the drives are attached to the mainframe of the Sizer, the entire unit can be rolled out from the feed stream to facilitate maintenance. McLanahan DDC-Sizers are equipped with hydraulic lift cylinders for ease of wheel activation.

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